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Heritage High asst. principal speaks out after false allegations

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CATOOSA COUNTY, GA. (WRCB) -- A north Georgia mom, who accused an assistant principal of nearly breaking her son's hand, now faces charges herself.

When the case was turned over to state authorities, Davida Caylor's story didn't add up.

"He still can't bend any of his fingers," Davida Caylor told Channel 3 in an interview February 9.

Channel 3 first showed you a picture of Aaron Black's hand about a month ago.

He claimed the bruising was from an angry administrator, who slammed his hand on a desk.

His mother Davida Caylor contacted Channel 3, demanding Assistant Principal Eric Beagles be fired.

"I want him out of the school system," Caylor said.

But now Caylor is facing charges for making it all up.

A state medical examiner investigated the pictures Caylor provided law enforcement and determined her claims to be unfounded.

Catoosa County schools released a statement saying, "The evidence suggests that the injury reported was not caused by the incident between the student and assistant principal."

"To be honest it's been stressful," Beagles says. "In the beginning it was stressful as it would be for anyone in any profession, stressful on my family and my girls."

A school system spokesperson sat in on our interview with Heritage High School Assistant Principal Eric Beagles Friday afternoon.

He wasn't allowed to answer our questions about the incident between him and Caylor's son, but he wanted the community to know how grateful he is for their support.

"That's (the community's support) been very meaningful," he says.

Beagles has no ill will for the Caylor family, and says the false allegations he faced won't change the way he does his job.

"That's why we all chose to get in this profession is to help them," Beagles says. "Sometimes situations are difficult for all of us, but at the end of the day you're still here to try and help."

Authorities will not say if the 15-year-old student could face charges.

His mother Davida Caylor is being held at the Catoosa County jail.

She faces charges for tampering with evidence and filing false reports. She also faces obstruction charges for trying to hide her phone from officers when they showed up to arrest her.


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